Traditional Japanese Mastery Meets the Modern Kitchen

Metalworking has been an integral craft within Japan since the 13th century. The nation has a rich history of metal casting, swordsmithing, and more recently, steelworking involving the crafting of some of the finest instruments and blades.

Through the passing on of techniques from generation to generation, a legacy of mastery in knifemaking has been kept alive to the present day. Japanese steel is considered to be some of the world's finest and most sought out after.

Japanese VG10 Steel and 67-Layer Damascus

Our Damascus Knife Sets are forged from the highest quality Japanese VG10 steel, a premium steel which was traditionally only used in the creation of knives for Japanese chefs. VG10 steel is the premier choice of material for knife blades due to its high concentration of carbon, and it offers exclusive quality and durability. 

The VG10 core is protected on each side by 33-layers of folded Damascus, resulting in an extremely robust 67-layer blade that is adorned with a beautiful Damascus pattern.

In addition to 67-Layer Damascus, Senken Knives offers a wonderful array of High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Sets whose blades are permanently engraved with beautiful designs and patterns.

The Origin of Senken Knives

Senken Knives was founded by two Americans who became inspired while living in Tokyo, Japan to spread the legacy of Japanese culinary mastery to chefs, knife-enthusiasts, and home cooks around the world.

The word Senken (嬋娟) is an ancient Japanese word that best translates to grace, sleekness, and beauty - all key elements in both the function and form of every knife that we craft.

Today, Senken Knives is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, and continues to design unique kitchen knife sets for the modern world, while still adhering to tradition and keeping the ancient Japanese legacy alive. We can't wait to bring our chef knives into your kitchen and have you be a part of the Senken family.

The Senken Quality & Price Difference

At Senken Knives, our goal is simple: to create the finest, most stylish kitchen knives at the most affordable price point possible. We use the highest quality steel available on the market as well as an array of unique, stunning materials for our handles. Our knives make cooking fun & effortless while also adding a beautiful accent to your kitchen. You WILL feel a difference from the very first cut.

And if you've been wanting a high-quality knife set but got put off by the cost, we've got you covered. All of our products are sold direct-to-consumer, which means you receive the same incredible products but without all of the added markup and costs. Senken Knives Direct to ConsumerWe know you'll love your Senken Knives for years to come - making a difference in the quality of lives of our customers is what makes us do what we do.

Thoughtfully Yours,
The Senken Knives Team 

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