Acacia Hardwood Magnetic Knife Strip

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Our smoothly finished Natural Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Strip can hold up to 8 full-length chef's knives.  The strip contains ultra-strong neodymium magnets to keep your knives completely secure. 

No drilling necessary - includes ultra-strong 3M Adhesive Strips that can safely be placed on tile or any other surface. The Magnetic Knife Strip still comes with screws and wall anchors if you prefer to install it that way.

The Magnetic Knife Strip is designed to hold all of your kitchen knives and boasts an extra long 15.75" (40cm) length, while having a depth of only 0.60" (1.5cm) giving it a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Also works great for other steel kitchen appliances such as kitchen shears, as well as metal tools, keys, and arts & crafts.

Item Specs

  • Material: Natural Acacia Hardwood
  • Weight: 1.30 pounds (0.60 kg)
  • Dimensions: 15.75" x 2.20" x 0.60" (40cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm)
Product Image Magnetic Knife Strip in Use

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Why Choose Senken Knives

  • Heat-Treated High-Carbon Steel - Professional-grade steel that offers unmatched precision, durability, and edge retention; you will notice the difference from the very first cut.
  • RUTHLESSLY Sharp - Guaranteed to be the sharpest knives you've ever owned. Period.
  • Unique Ergonomic Handle Designs - Handles that not only provide a beautiful, modern accent to your kitchen, but also confer a strong, comfortable grip to make your chopping as effortless as possible.
  • Double-Bevel 15° Blade Edge - Each knife boasts a 15° edge as compared to a typical 20-25° edge found in most Western knives, allowing you to cut with 2 to 3 times the speed.
  • Over 500,000 Home Chefs have made the switch to Senken Knives in over 80 countries around the world.
  • Direct Wholesale Pricing - Save up to 70% versus local retailers by cutting out the middlemen.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Senken Knives, our goal is simple: to create the finest, most stylish kitchen knives at affordable prices. Incorporating both modern as well as ancient techniques, we are masters of our craft and can't wait to bring our chef knives into your kitchen.

To underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all of our product offerings. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in the craftsmanship and longevity of our products. We believe in providing not only exceptional items but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've made a lasting investment.

We know you'll love your Senken knives for years to come - making a difference in the quality of lives of our customers is what makes us do what we do.

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