"Vulcan" Handforged High-Carbon Clad Steel Cleaver Knife

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"This knife is wonderful for heavy duty kitchen cutting. I've always struggled when dicing chicken and other tough meats, this knife makes it a breeze!"

- Russel Taylor, Home Cook & Happy Customer


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Introducing "Vulcan" - the latest in our line of premium kitchen knives!

Our Vulcan Cleaver Knife is Individually Hand-Forged of High-Carbon Clad Steel. Each blade has unique patterning from our Unique Hand-Tempering Process, a long and complex process involving quenching, hammer tempering, steel clamping, among other continuous cycle operations.

Each knife undergoes spray quenching at 1450°F (780°C) and hand-tempering at 350°F - 400°F (180°C - 200°C) to guarantee the hardness and sharpness of each knife and provide a working life of 15-20+ years.

The Vulcan Cleaver Knife has an Ebony Wood Handle with Pure Copper Nails and an Integrated Steel Shank, providing comfort, durability, and an aesthetic look.

Each order of our Vulcan Cleaver Knife comes with a Knife Sheath for protection and safe storage of your Vulcan Knife. 

  • Individually Hand-Forged of High-Carbon Clad Steel
  • Unique Hand-Tempering Process to ensure a working life of 15-20+ years. 
  • RUTHLESSLY Sharp for thin slicing and impeccable chopping
  • Ergonomic Ebony Wood Handle for comfort and durability
  • INCLUDES Durable Knife Sheath for protection and safe storage

Senken Vulcan Cleaver KnifeVulcan Hand Tempered BladeVulcan Close Up HandleVulcan Cleaver Knife Forging Process

Blade Length: 6.75" (17 cm)
Blade Width: 4" (10cm) at widest point
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Net Weight: 15.25 ounces (432g)

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